Physical security

Imperium Security company started its business in 2017. under the newly established legal framework of private security law.
The activity of private security has been an unregulated field for many years. During this period, a large number of companies in this activity laid the foundations of their business on procedures that were not regulated by law.

This is not the case with Imperium Security.

Since the founding act, the first working procedure, the first security officer, everything has been aligned with the law on private security, which began to apply on January 1, 2017. A company established this way certainly has a healthier foundation for operating which is exactly what sets us apart from all other private security companies.

Since this is a new company in this field of business, we had to set up a solid foundation and offer quality, professionalism, security and everything that implies meeting all the necessary conditions for a leadership position in this field.
This includes a license for the risk estimation in the protection of persons, property, and business, for performing physical protection and maintaining order at sports, public and other places of citizen gathering.

Our security officers are all licensed and they comply with all the statutory requirements for performing private security. They are also reliable, highly motivated, professional, up-to-date, operative and they justify their engagement in every sense.

Quality is of course the best advertisement and therefore we have quickly expanded the scope of work, and we are able to offer you all forms of physical protection of persons and property.

Imperium Security offers:

  • risk estimation
  • facility security
  • personal security
  • monitor service
  • mobile security

We offer a high quality Kocom available to our clients 24h.